February 20, 2012

i am not sure why

i find myself attracted to the outcasts.
the broken.
the sad.
the hurting.
the hardened.
the depressed.
the friendless.
the unloved.
the paranoid.
the ex-addicts.
the ex-prisoners.
the ex-criminals.
the stone hearted.
the ones who rarely smile.
the ones with unreadable eyes.
the ones who won't look me in the eye.
the ones with pain hidden beneath invincibility.
the ones with tenderness behind tough skin.

the ones nobody wants to talk to.
nobody wants to have anything to do with.
those are the ones who catch my interest
and they intrigue me.
and they capture my heart.
and i love them.

until they begin to like me.
and show their own attraction.

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